Medicine Bags and Leather Pouches

The Native American Indians attributed different healing effects to different stones.
The Medicine Man always had his Medicine Bags with the special Healing Stones.

Traditionally, Healing Stones are placed in a Medicine Bag along with other sacred items.
The Medicine Bag was worn about the neck to receive full effect of their healing powers.
These are not Indian Products or Indian Produced
as defined by 25 USC-305 et Seq.

Medicine Bags

App. 4.5 in. tall. 
Medicine Bags


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Not An Indian Product or Indian Produced as defined by 25 USC-305 et Seq.

Leather Medicine Bag
App. 5 in. tall with fringe.
# MS104B - "Only $ 7.95" - Quantity:

kokopelle medicine bag

Kokopelle Medicine Bag
App. 5.5 in. tall.
# MS104C - "Only $ 4.95" - Quantity:

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